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    Default Theming Question

    Hello Sencha community !,
    I'm very new to extjs and I'm now trying to customize my own theme by study from this guide :!/guide/theming

    o, after I complete the guide. I came up with these question :

    1. How can I 'properly' apply my custom theme to my Sencha architect 2 project, not the project which created by sencha cmd like the one in theming guide ?

    2. How can I include extjs-button-ui in sass file to using extjs 4.2 sdk, I know how to do that using extjs 4.1.1 sdk, and wonder is it possibly doing the same in 4.2 ?

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    Default Theming from 4.1 to 4.2

    Me too.
    4.2 docs refer to cmd creating workspaces, aplications and themes on new directories. Needs workspaces to detect links.

    But what about Architect? Must I create the app with cmd and then go to Architect? Cmd needs to be in appropiate workspace or app dir, but I can't do it to end SASS.

    Isn't Architect supposed to create the conditions that allow easy theming? I only needed to create the css from the sass as for 4.1 and be able to select it inside Architect as I do with classic, neptune, etc thems. but I always find difficult to find the safe procedure to do everything.

    Do we have to pay once again for Architect (release 3) to solve that?

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