I'm building an app using ST 2.2. I'm ready to start styling my pages, so I'm testing the compass/SASS feature to make sure it works (before applying any custom styling). While the compile finishes without error, the resulting stylesheet is 100K smaller than the default stylesheet that came with the initial project, and looks as though I were using only the "base" theme, not the default theme. (In other words, the default theme seems to be missing, and the page looks terrible.)

Thinking I must have messed something up, I redownloaded ST2.2 and Cmd, re-installed both of them, and checked my versions:

Cmd: Sencha Cmd v3.1.1.274
Compass: Compass 0.11.1 (Antares)

I then generated a new app from scratch and checked it in the browser. It looked like this:


I then compiled its SASS with compass. I get exactly the same result. The newly compiled one is missing all styling:


The "compass compile" step seems to be working correctly -- I get no errors, and a new file is being generated. And the necessary default theme files seem to be there, or at least I get errors if I remove them. So I'm baffled. I figure the forums would be full of posts if everyone got the same results I have, so I must have missed a small but important step somewhere.

I'm using using a Mac (10.8.3). Has anyone run into the same issue? Or have any ideas for something I can try?

Thanks in advance!