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Thread: Ext JS 4.2.1 GA is Now Available!

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    Default Ext JS 4.2.1 GA is Now Available!

    It is my pleasure to announce today that Ext JS 4.2.1 GA is available for download. The release notes can be found here:

    I want to highlight a new example in this release showing just about everything a grid can do enabled at the same time - This also shows off the much improved RowEditor.

    Try it out and let us know what you think!


    The Commercial and GPL downloads are available here:

    Docs are here:

    The CDN links are:

    New Features

    Core (1)
    • EXTJSIV-8123 - Enhance Ext.util.Format.fileSize to calculate gigabytes with "GB" suffix
    Layouts (1)
    • EXTJSIV-9509 - A splitter's collapseOnDblClick cannot be disabled via the object's config
    Locale (1)
    • EXTJSIV-9653 - Locales should be consolidated to a single ext-locale package instead of requiring each locale independently
    Misc (1)
    • EXTJSIV-9389 - Add SASS variables that can be used to prevent "default" UIs from being generated.

    Bugs Fixed

    Button (3)
    • EXTJSIV-9323 - Focus is not set on buttons in IE
    • EXTJSIV-9658 - Button layout fails when button component height is too small
    • EXTJSIV-9864 - Disabled buttons can still receive focus using TAB
    Charts (4)
    • EXTJSIV-7235 - Series label color is not applied and location is incorrect
    • EXTJSIV-9393 - Series instance cannot be initialized properly
    • EXTJSIV-9422 - Issues with custom font, padding, itemSpacing of chart legend box
    • EXTJSIV-9536 - Stacked Column Chart with Missing Y Value has Incorrect Maximum
    Core (10)
    • EXTJSIV-8286 - Element.switchOff() and other animation methods do not call users callback on complete
    • EXTJSIV-8764 - Element.on/un and Observable.un should accept function names as Observable.on does
    • EXTJSIV-9339 - TextMetrics ignores container styles
    • EXTJSIV-9405 - CSS reset style rule remains on the body that sets border box
    • EXTJSIV-9469 - Ext.Date format creates global variables
    • EXTJSIV-9535 - Ext.util.Format.number incorrect result with custom locale and value < 1000
    • EXTJSIV-9590 - mouseoverItem in Ext.view.View
    • EXTJSIV-9604 - Ext.clone needs hasOwnProperty check for IE browsers with enumerable bug
    • EXTJSIV-9630 - Ext.destroy should support destroying stores
    • EXTJSIV-9689 - Resizable: resize handles are always transparent
    Data (6)
    • EXTJSIV-8977 - PagingMemoryProxy's load mask is never removed
    • EXTJSIV-9326 - The removeAll method does not completely clear a buffered store
    • EXTJSIV-9523 - Changing id in filtered store skips snapshot
    • EXTJSIV-9550 - Store removeAll doesn't clear snapshot
    • EXTJSIV-9811 - Stores configured with autoDestroy: true may produce JavaScript errors in certain cases
    • EXTJSIV-9815 - AbstractMixedCollection does not filter out records with duplicate id's when added in bulk
    Direct (3)
    • EXTJSIV-7766 - Timeout is ignored if form is submitted with DirectSubmit
    • EXTJSIV-9250 - DirectLoad and DirectSubmit actions should resolve Direct methods on first call
    • EXTJSIV-9295 - Direct PollProvider does not handle erroneous input properly
    Documentation (7)
    • EXTJSIV-7521 - Lockable mixin is not listed for Grid in the docs
    • EXTJSIV-8004 - Documentation on #SenchaCmd for #ExtJS doesn't mention to use latest version of #SenchaSDK tools. Can easily get caught
    • EXTJSIV-8487 - Ext.Component.afterRender marked as private
    • EXTJSIV-8488 - Ext.dd.DragZone.destroy should be marked public
    • EXTJSIV-9294 - Ext.ComponentQuery needs more documentation
    • EXTJSIV-9636 - name should be documented as mandatory
    • EXTJSIV-9659 - The Building Themes for ExtJS guide is empty
    Draw (2)
    • EXTJSIV-9786 - Drawing: Re sizable Sencha Logo: Displaying JS Error on Loading the example on IE9 Browser.
    • EXTJSIV-9795 - Drawing : Browser Logos : Displaying JS error upon closing the Draw component panel.
    Events (1)
    • EXTJSIV-9261 - Observable.observe does not capture events properly
    Examples (2)
    • EXTJSIV-9654 - Basic Templating example has incorrect XTemplate statement
    • EXTJSIV-9757 - Combination Examples: Web Desktop : Displaying JS error while selecting options from the menu.
    Forms (17)
    • EXTJSIV-7355 - numberfield's autoStripChars does not work on numbers with exponents such as "1e42"
    • EXTJSIV-7792 - Forms scrolls in window in Chrome
    • EXTJSIV-8006 - Combobox field value not correct on select event when leaving field using mouse click
    • EXTJSIV-8067 - HtmlEditor - tabbing into editor field in Internet Explorer 9 throws error
    • EXTJSIV-8158 - Triggerfield height can not be adjusted with setHeight()
    • EXTJSIV-8278 - Background color does not follow growing text
    • EXTJSIV-8542 - htmleditor places a "br" tag in the editor field after pressing the source edit button in firefox
    • EXTJSIV-9303 - HtmlEditor throws JS error when selecting certain toolbar items with selected text on IE
    • EXTJSIV-9439 - Loading large amount of data in the HtmlEditor locks up FF19 / FF20
    • EXTJSIV-9487 - Default 'x-form-file-wrap' class not applied to filefield when form contains a fieldBodyCls in fieldDefaults
    • EXTJSIV-9501 - HTMLEditor - setValue does not work when component is not rendered
    • EXTJSIV-9527 - HtmlEditor causes form isDirty() to be true
    • EXTJSIV-9555 - combineLabels does not work
    • EXTJSIV-9558 - In tabbed panel, data doesn't load in HtmlEditor
    • EXTJSIV-9603 - Combo is too slow when loading a large amount of items
    • EXTJSIV-9641 - FieldSet fieldvaliditychange and fielderrorchange don't fire
    • EXTJSIV-9766 - Double clicking on editor causes: NS_ERROR_INVALID_POINTER
    Grid (44)
    • EXTJSIV-5245 - Grid column lines are shown for hidden columns if RowExpander is used
    • EXTJSIV-5543 - focus is lost on an active cell editor in an editable grid
    • EXTJSIV-6294 - When tabbing quickly through cell editing, the cell editor drops out of edit mode (intermittent)
    • EXTJSIV-6734 - Hidden grid column's height is not properly measured when wordwrap is used
    • EXTJSIV-7331 - HeaderContainer defaults doesn't work if there is a column with locked: true
    • EXTJSIV-7437 - GridFilters feature doesn't work for unlocked columns
    • EXTJSIV-7855 - Setting a value in a grid removes focus from textfield
    • EXTJSIV-8795 - Grids lose horizontal scroll position on row focus in IE
    • EXTJSIV-8910 - Grid filters aren't taking a lockingPartner into account when filtering
    • EXTJSIV-9001 - VERY slow tree grid on second load with bufferedrenderer plugin
    • EXTJSIV-9095 - blur() not firing when pressing tab to leave datefield grid cell editor
    • EXTJSIV-9130 - Bufferedrenderer can lose track of scroll position if user scrolls grid rapidly
    • EXTJSIV-9139 - Buffered renderer crashes when modifying store before rendered
    • EXTJSIV-9262 - drag/drop plugins cause grid focus and scrollbar reset with prevent focus
    • EXTJSIV-9367 - Cell beforeedit event is fired twice when clicking on an editable cell
    • EXTJSIV-9376 - Grid RowExpander does not work with locking enabled
    • EXTJSIV-9379 - Grid performance with many columns and editing
    • EXTJSIV-9380 - Grid column lines not synced with header in locked+grouped sample
    • EXTJSIV-9382 - Load mask disappears too soon when buffered store loads pages.
    • EXTJSIV-9385 - Tab key not working on grid cell edit with group feature, but ungrouped store
    • EXTJSIV-9390 - GridPanel reconfigure does not refresh the data on reconfigure if there's a buffered renderer plugin.
    • EXTJSIV-9397 - Grids: Infinite Grid: Vertical scroll bar size increases after sorting any columns
    • EXTJSIV-9402 - forceFit calculations being applied too late upon reconfigure.
    • EXTJSIV-9406 - Grid not displaying emptyText when container layout 'auto'
    • EXTJSIV-9411 - Meta config example throws errors on mouseover after reloading metadata
    • EXTJSIV-9426 - Ellipsis no longer appear in grid column header when column title is long
    • EXTJSIV-9438 - Nested column headers do not get the correct height when using white-space:normal
    • EXTJSIV-9453 - Resizing last column of grid throws error
    • EXTJSIV-9454 - Hiding a wide column in a crowded forceFit grid can shrink the column upon show.
    • EXTJSIV-9457 - Auto align feature on column divider incorrect in IE in some cases
    • EXTJSIV-9475 - Kitchen Sink: Grids: Big Data: Emptying cell data under 'Name' column and then clicking on 'Update' button under row editor displays JS error
    • EXTJSIV-9476 - Kitchen Sink: Grids: Big Data: Drag and drop 'Notice Period' column into locked area displays JS error
    • EXTJSIV-9532 - Column widths go wrong with hidden column and forcefit true
    • EXTJSIV-9562 - Grid summary columns not resizing/behaving same as regular grid columns
    • EXTJSIV-9595 - Kitchen Sink: Big Data: Locking the 'Absences' group displays JS error
    • EXTJSIV-9637 - Row Grouping Grid with locked column presents incorrect row alignment with large datasets
    • EXTJSIV-9662 - Combination Examples: Kitchen Sink: Grouped Grid: Expanding a group for second time displays JS error
    • EXTJSIV-9691 - RowEditor should flip its buttons to the top when there is not room to scroll them into view.
    • EXTJSIV-9756 - Combination Examples: Kitchen sink: Drag and Drop: Grid to form: The swapping and the Drag and Drop Functionality is not working on IE10 Browser.
    • EXTJSIV-9804 - Grid doesn't check hidden state in hide/show
    • EXTJSIV-9805 - Column events not fired correctly
    • EXTJSIV-9819 - collapseAll() and expandAll() create circular logic that locks up the browser when a grid is grouped and locked
    • EXTJSIV-9851 - Grouping doubles up on expand / collapse when buffer rendered and data fits within view height.
    • EXTJSIV-9860 - Kitchen sink: Big Data: Collapsing a group displays JS error
    Layouts (6)
    • EXTJSIV-7407 - Adding a collapsed region to a border layout throws an error
    • EXTJSIV-8000 - Borders problem with collapsible and 'mini' collapseMode within border layout
    • EXTJSIV-9272 - Anchor and Column layouts have unnecessary gap for scrolling
    • EXTJSIV-9305 - Anchor layout does not exclude scrollbar width when the autoScroll=true and anchor=100%
    • EXTJSIV-9401 - In some cases constraints like minHeight can cause layout failures
    • EXTJSIV-9714 - Layout Managers: Complex Layout: The field is void in editable mode when switched using "Tab" key in keyboard.
    Locale (3)
    • EXTJSIV-7179 - Missing translation for TextField blankText config in cs locale
    • EXTJSIV-7426 - Locale override remains in German Locale file and comments state they should be removed for 4.1.x
    • EXTJSIV-9580 - Polish translation targets msg property of AbstractView for localized text but should be loadingText
    MVC (1)
    • EXTJSIV-9486 - Application inheritance does not work properly
    Menu (1)
    • EXTJSIV-9296 - Menu with floating false is not positioned properly in right aligned HTML
    Misc (3)
    • EXTJSIV-8419 - MessageBox does not respect construction-time configs vs those passed to each show call
    • EXTJSIV-9391 - LTR scrolling is not handled correctly when RTL overrides are included
    • EXTJSIV-9877 - RowNumberer column header shows ellipsis in IE8
    Panel (1)
    • EXTJSIV-9823 - the *-{ui} class is not being added to the header of a panel
    Selection Model (3)
    • EXTJSIV-9003 - Grid selection range doesn't select correctly
    • EXTJSIV-9288 - Row selection model does not handle vetoed mousedown events
    • EXTJSIV-9357 - No way to restrict method of deselection in single selection model to ctrl+click as it was in previous versions
    Tabs (2)
    • EXTJSIV-7337 - Nested tab panels don't maintain constraint or masking with windows
    • EXTJSIV-9625 - Side tabs throw exception if tabs are hidden initially.
    Theme (4)
    • EXTJSIV-8453 - Tree lines have 1px gaps in Neptune theme
    • EXTJSIV-8749 - Neptune - Create color variables for Global Error (red) and Confirmation (green)
    • EXTJSIV-9423 - Accessibility theme needs tool icons for window move and resize
    • EXTJSIV-9824 - There is no variable to control the base path of resources used in the CSS output
    ToolTips (2)
    • EXTJSIV-8824 - Tooltip cuts off content on Chrome
    • EXTJSIV-8935 - Tooltips aligning using left origin when in RTL mode
    Tree (8)
    • EXTJSIV-8327 - Ext.tree.Panel ignores value of Ext.enableFx
    • EXTJSIV-9229 - remote tree node expand not take proxy.extraParams set at beforeexpand
    • EXTJSIV-9414 - Dropping to tree from grid causes JavaScript error due to nodeHighlightOnDrop
    • EXTJSIV-9462 - Tree node arrow in IE10 do not show expand state properly
    • EXTJSIV-9511 - beforeitemsexpand should fire before beforeload
    • EXTJSIV-9515 - expandAll's callback is called for the last node in every descendant non-leaf
    • EXTJSIV-9798 - Trees : Locking Tree Grid: Unable to check or uncheck the check boxes under “Done” column when any of the columns are hidden
    • EXTJSIV-9832 - Combination exampes: Kitchen Sink: Trees: Two Trees: Unable to expand/collapse & move on the folder in the tree panel in a specific scenario.
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    The beta release announcement for 4.2.1 is here -
    Don Griffin

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