Hi all.
i'm trying the web desktop, so i want to get more shortcuts.
i'm trying to decipher the code so i think that the shortcuts part is this.

  createDataView: function () {
        var me = this;
        return {
            xtype: 'dataview',
            overItemCls: 'x-view-over',
            trackOver: true,
            resizable :true,
            itemSelector: me.shortcutItemSelector,
            store: me.shortcuts,
           // shrinkWrap : true,
            style: {
                position: 'absolute'
            x: 0, y: 0,
            tpl: new Ext.XTemplate(me.shortcutTpl)
but i can't make a change, even if something change when i click a shortcut the dataview get back to the initial config.

thanks for your time.