I am upgrading my application from 4.0.7 to 4.2 . I have generated the application using Sencha cmd and then ported all the code to new structure . Although the Sencha cmd build using command ' sencha app build' works fine , due to some reasons I need to get my previous build process (the one using app.jsb3 file ) also up and running . But although the jsb3 file is the same and build process is generating 'app-all' properly , I see the following discrepancies -

1. The log says the project name is null -

T:\HTTPContent\Editor>sencha build -p app1.jsb3 -d .
Sencha Cmd v3.1.1.274
[INF] Loading the null Project
[INF] Loaded 0 Packages
[INF] Loaded 3 Builds
[INF] * Parse all-classes.js with options:
[INF] - debugLevel: 1
[INF] - debug: false
[INF] * Parse supplement1.js with options:
[INF] - debugLevel: 1
[INF] - debug: false
[INF] * Parse app-all.js with options:
[INF] - debugLevel: 1
[INF] - debug: false
[INF] * Compress and obfuscate app-all.js...
[INF] Copy resources...
[INF] Done Building

2. The app-all is getting generated but when I use it I see that some files are getting independently loaded . This is wrong behavior because if app-all is available then there is no need for independent loading.


3. Few files getting independently loaded have wrong paths
example . for file PkgNode.js , it tries to load from 'IA/model/PkgNode.js' when the path should be 'app/model/PkgNode.js'

the loader has the following mapping in app.js -
enabled: true,
disableCaching: false,

paths: {
'IA': 'app'