Hey guys,
I am having an issue with the include order of overrides in an extended theme... I created a theme which extends ext-theme-neptune, the neptune theme has an override for tabs that specifically disables tab borders, which I need enabled.

In my theme folder I have created /packages/my-custom-theme/overrides/tab/Tab.js with the following content:

PHP Code:
Ext.define('MyCustomTheme.tab.Tab', {
I do a 'sencha package build; sencha app refresh; sencha app build;' which builds the all-classes.js, and looking at the source of that file, I see that both MyCustomTheme.tab.Tab and ExtThemeNeptune.tab.Tab are defined, which is fine, however ExtThemeNeptune.tab.Tab is included after MyCustomTheme.tab.Tab which means my override will never be used...

It would seem appropriate to always include locally built packages after the default packages that we are extending from... Is there a way to specify this or is there anything else I am missing?

Also, in regards to this issue specifically, why are tab borders being disabled via javascript when there is a CSS variable for $tab-border-width?