I was wondering if the combobox supported a loader that would fill the store with its objects when clicking the TriggerAction but would filter everything locally. I dont want it to query the db everytime the user types something, I just want it to query once when the trigger is clicked, and then if the user types something it will just filter locally.

I accomplished this somewhat by creating a loader to fetch all the combobox objects, and then i manually call the loader.load() in an addTriggerClickHandler.

There are a few problems with the approach, for example if the user simply clicks inside of the combo textbox and then starts just typing without clicking the Trigger first.. it doesnt fetch the objects..

So i am wondering if there is a better way, to use the actual combobox.setLoader method, but only have it query once, and filter locally when typing.

Also, i noticed when i tried to use the combobox.setLoader it forced me to use a PagingLoader.. this is more then I need.. I just want a regular ListLoader

Thanks for any tips or recommendations anyone is willing to give.