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Thread: One view with different content each time

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    Default One view with different content each time

    One view with different content each time

    Hello! I am very beginner on sencha touch and need some help.
    I have implemented a list and a view which contains one image, some text and a video. I want to use the same view but with different content with respect to which item in list is clicked. For example if the first item is clicked then show the view with image1, text1, and video1, if the second is clicked then the view with image2, text2 video2 and so on...
    My thought is to create a json which contains all the content (image1, text1, video1 and image2, ...). My issue is how can I implement this? How can I retrieve the data and show different content in the same view? Is there any tutorial?

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    The data you want to show in the detail view isn't within the record in the list? Then you can do an ajax call to load more data.
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