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Thread: Sencha 2.1: Selectfield picker functions inappropriately

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    Default Sencha 2.1: Selectfield picker functions inappropriately

    Hi All,
    I have a screen with following component.
    1. selectfield having many categories. (Hospitals, Schools, Parks etc)
    2. searchfield which enables search on the list item placed below it.
    3. list which lists all the categories. (different schools, hospitals etc)


    • When I click on selectfield a picker pops out from the bottom of screen which enables me to select hospital or school and accordingly the list will be filtered showing only hospitals or schools.
    • The seachfield will enable search on list.

    When I want to type in searchfield a softkeyboard pops-out from the bottom of the screen. Now, keeping this softkeyboard poped-out, when I click on selectfield the picker animates all the way to the top of the screen before coming to it's appropriate position to the bottom of the screen. The keyboard gets hidden meanwhile.

    I believe, the problem arise being the picker starts poping-up from the top of the soft-keyboard. But meanwhile that soft-keyboard is getting hidden. So, picker settle at it's appropriate position.

    Appreciate any help to work the picker appropriately.

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    When the select field is "focused" the keyboard shouldn't be open.
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