Can someone tell me how to load data from grid row after clicking a gif in action column to a popup edit Form please?
Or give me some link to tutorial or something

handler: function (grid, rowIndex, colIndex) {   
             var rec = store.getAt(rowIndex);                        
             var id = rec.get('prodID');                        
             editFormWindow = new Ext.Window({                            
                        title: 'Add Product',                            
                        closeAction: 'hide',                            
                        closable: true,                            
                        autoDestroy: false,                            
                        width: 400,                            
                         plain: true,                           
                        autoHeight: true,                            
                        modal: true,                           
                        resizable: true,                          
                        layout: 'fit',                          
                        items: [editProductForm]                 
       var formpanel = Ext.getCmp('editProductForm');          
       formpanel.getForm().loadRecord(rec);                      ;                   
atm I've got something like this but with this line