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Thread: [2.1.1] Clickable Input Labels

    Looks like we can't reproduce the issue or there's a problem in the test case provided.
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    Default [2.1.1] Clickable Input Labels

    Input field labels are not clickable. Why?
    I have created a simple override that will automatically set focus on the input field when it's label has been tapped.
    I'm not sure this is the best way to accomplish this, but I would like to see these enhancements added into the core Sencha Touch framework in some form or fashion.

    I have highlighted my changes from the original Ext.field.Field base code.

    //[2.1.1]PATCH - update input labels to be clickableExt.define('MyApp.override.field.Field', {
        override : 'Ext.field.Field',
        // @private
        getElementConfig: function() {
            var prefix = Ext.baseCSSPrefix;
            return {
                reference: 'element',
                className: 'x-container',
                children: [
                        reference: 'label',
                        cls: prefix + 'form-label',
                        tag: 'label', //change to be label tag rather than div
                        children: [{
                            reference: 'labelspan',
                            tag: 'span'
                        reference: 'innerElement',
                        cls: prefix + 'component-outer'
        // @private
        updateLabel: function(newLabel, oldLabel) {
            var renderElement = this.renderElement,
                prefix = Ext.baseCSSPrefix,
                cmp = this.getComponent(); //get component
            if (newLabel) {
                renderElement.addCls(prefix + 'field-labeled');
            } else {
                renderElement.removeCls(prefix + 'field-labeled');
            //update the label's "for" attribute now that we have a field id assigned
            this.label.dom.setAttribute('for', (cmp.input && || ''); 

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    Moved to the bugs forum to open up as a feature request.
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