I am a novice user of the GXT framework. I am stuck up in using XTemplate to access the data from a child model. Following is a brief of the exact problem :

I have a parent model named RegulationModel. This parent model has a reference to another child model named RegulationDetailsModel.
UI : Its Grid display with expander rows. XTemplate is used to generate the custom html to render the data whenever the user expands a row.

Accessing the data from the parent model is quite straight forward but I am not able to access the data from the child model. The models extend from the com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.data.BaseModelData. Can anybody help me out in this ? Following is the snippet of the XTemplate :

XTemplate tpl = XTemplate.create("<p><b>Secondary Citation:</b> <br>{" + RegulationModel.SECONDARYCITATION
+ "}</p><br>" + "<p><b>Description:</b> <br>{" + RegulationModel.DESCRIPTION + "}</p><br>"
+ "<p><b>Admin Requirement:</b> <br>{" + RegulationModel.ADMINREQUIREMENT + "}</p><br>"
+ "<p><b>Zasio Notes:</b> <br>{" + RegulationModel.REGULATIONDETAILS + "}</p><br>"
+ "<p><b>Create Date:</b> <br>{" + RegulationModel.CREATEDATESTRING + "}</p><br>"
+ "<p><b>Last Update Date:</b> <br>{" + RegulationModel.UPDATEDATESTRING + "}</p><br>"

The above highlighted is the field (ZasioNotes) that I want to access from the child model i.e., RegulationDetailsModel. It is declared in the child model but I am not access it in the above context.

Any pointers will help me a lot. I have used various things already but none worked. Like using the "tpl" tag , using the complete property name like RegulationModel.regulationDetails.ZasioNotes etc.