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Thread: Updating a TreeStore whose view is hidden

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    Default Updating a TreeStore whose view is hidden

    I'm working on an email app using ST 2.2, and recently ran into a fairly nasty bug. The app has a list of folders that starts out hidden, and slides into view on a button tap. If a folder model is changed via a call to set(), that folder disappears from the list.

    Here's how it happens:

    - the call to set() triggers a call to Store::afterEdit()
    - which calls Collection::replace() on the data to replace the old record with the new one
    - the old record is removed
    - the new one is not added because the record gets filtered out by a default filter that checks
    whether the node is visible

    When the list is shown later, the node is gone and there's no check to see if a node that was filtered out
    has now become visible.

    My current workaround is to override applyFilters() with a default filter that returns true. Would it be
    better to do something like sync the store when the list is shown?

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    here's an idea i'm just going to throw out there: maybe suspendEvents() on the store when it is hidden, and resumeEvents() when it's shown?

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