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Thread: Beta GWT Support for Ion APIs

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    Thank you for reporting this bug. We will make it our priority to review this report.
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    Default Beta GWT Support for Ion APIs

    In this thread I'll be posting beta versions of GWT-compatible jar files for Ion. These expose the documented APIs so that GWT and GXT applications can call on them. They are mostly generated automatically from existing documentation, though this generation process is not yet perfect. As we get into a more stable state, these will be included as part of the SDP release itself.

    Getting started
    Check out the latest blog post introducing this support, and the example applications described there.
    Download the attached file and unzip it - it is zipped so that the forum allows it to be attached, and must be unzipped into a jar to be used.
    Add the jar file to your GWT project's classpath, and add the following inherits statement to your module file:
    <inherits name="com.sencha.gwt.ion.Ion"/>
    Package summary
    This jar contains several packages - one for the wrapper code which should be ignored, and another for Ion itself. This package structure more or less mimics what is available at!/api except with com.sencha.gwt.ion on the front.
    com.sencha.gwt.ion - base package exposing some wrapper classes for general JavaScript objects.
    com.sencha.gwt.ion.ion - represents the Ion object in JavaScript. The classes in this package mostly consist of static methods used to interact with the native APIs.
    com.sencha.gwt.ion.ion.ui - UI classes used to manipulate the windows and menus in the packaged application - generated API internals. Subject to change, should not be used directly.

    Beta version
    This is a work in progress, and we welcome your feedback and bug reports to make it even better. The jar file attached to this post is designed for SDP 1.1, but should also work with future versions (1.2 was just released today). There are many places where it isn't entirely clear what kind of object needs to be passed in a function isn't quite clear - in some cases it may be necessary to read the JavaScript docs and use JSNI to craft an appropriate object to pass in.

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