I have been using the trial version of ExtJS to test out a Flex conversion. As a test demo project, I would like to make a SOAP (WSDL) service call to my back-end, call a specific method, and pass in a boolean flag as the data. I have noticed that the Soap functionality in ExtJS only comes with the Complete version. I downloaded the Complete version of Sencha and the soap folder was empty (I downloaded this today).

I also tried using the ajax proxy, and it is not making the service call, it is returning the WSDL definition, which is what I get when I paste the URL in my browser. It is not actually making the request.

I came across the JavaScript SOAP Client (http://javascriptsoapclient.codeplex.com/) and I am able to easily make a service request and get a response back. The issue that I am having is, how do I add that response object into a Store and update the model? I basically want to populate this response object with a dataGrid. The response it returned as XML data.

This is the simple SOAP code:
var url2 = "https://myUrl/ServiceName";
var pl = new SOAPClientParameters();

pl.add("arg0", false);
SOAPClient.invoke(url2, "method", pl, true, getDataCallback);

Here is the function for the response:
function getDataCallback(r, soapResponse) {
if(soapResponse.xml) // IE
else // MOZ
var myResponse = (new XMLSerializer()).serializeToString(soapResponse);

Not sure what to do with the "myResponse" object from here. I would like to create a Store and add it to the model. The dataGrid would pull from the model.

I am a Flex Developer, so this is pretty new to me. Thanks