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Thread: Issue with popup Window on Internet Explorer and iFrame and Adobe Reader PDF document

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    Default Issue with popup Window on Internet Explorer and iFrame and Adobe Reader PDF document

    This is a strange issue that is probably mostly related to Internet Explorer and the Adobe PDF reader. On other browsers and PDF readers, I don't get this issue. E.g. with Chrome and their built-in PDF reader, I don't get this issue.

    I am opening a PDF document in the 'Frame' object and when I close the Frame, the PDF does not go away. Essentially the PDF is still there until I close the browser.

    Has anyone noticed? Are there any tricks to ensure that the PDF is properly closed?

    Here is a screenshot, notice how the PDF is still kind of floating out there.

    Use the code below, is it possible to easily convert that logic to using the HTML 'object' tag <object>?

    Here is most of the code, essentially bring up a popup in a frame:

            final Frame centerDocumentFrame = new Frame();
            final SafeUri uri = new SafeUri() {
                        public String asString() {
                            return "/path/PATH_TO_PDF";
            final Window gridPopup = new Window();
    Here is the iFrame code generated on the browser:

    <iframe class="gwt-Frame GL2YXWTBNL GL2YXWTBLFC"
    src="PDF" style="left: 360px; top: 0px; width: 431px; height: 358px;"/>

    On close, the PDF document is sitting there.


    Gxt Version : 3.0.1
    GWT: 2.5.1
    Windows 7
    Internet Explorer 9 (no quirks mode)
    Tomcat 7
    Adobe Reader Version 10.10

    I was thinking of this but it is not idiomatic, this seems to correct the issue after a small set of test cases.
    Are there other approaches?
    final HTML h = new HTML("");

    <object width='100%' height='100%' data='/media/invoice1.pdf'></object>

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