I'm performing server-side validation on a set of fields in a form. When I click the "Save" button, I execute an ajax request to perform the validation/update. My backend program will send back a false if the update was unsuccessful along with the field name of the field in error. Here is some sample code on how I am handling the response if the field is in error:

                url: 'vvcall.pgm',
                params: {
                    pgm: 'myprogram',
                    action: 'saveRecord',
                    inReasonCode: myFormPanel.down('#inputReasonCode').getValue(), 
                    inReasonDesc: myFormPanel.down('#inputReasonCodeDesc').getValue(),
                    inReasonStatus: myFormPanel.getForm().getValues().status,
                    inMode: inMode
                success: function(response) {
                var data = Ext.decode(response.responseText);
                    if (data.SUCCESS == '1') {
                               title: 'Saved',
                               msg: data.MSG,
                               el: myGrid.el,
                               slideFrom: 'r'
                        // hide form window and reload grid
                        currentRecord = [];
                    } else {
                        console.log('the bad field = '+data.FLD);
                        try {
                            if (data.FLD !== ' ') {
                                myFormPanel.down('#' + data.FLD).markInvalid(data.MSG);
                        } catch(e){                                                                                    
                            Ext.Msg.alert('Ajax Response Unmonitored','An unmonitored error occured when attempting to save record');            
                failure: function() {
                    Ext.Msg.alert('Ajax Failure', 'Received a failure response from the server when attempting to save record.');
In Chrome, the desired field will be outlined in red, and when you hover your mouse over the field, the error tool tip will pop up. In IE 9, this does not happen but the console is still showing the correct error/field. If there is a solution that does not include adding validation types, that would be preferable.