Thanks for the debuging tips. I have installed firebug amd ext-all-debug.js

And for the sake of just getting the data to the store I now only use the store. I will, I think, have to the the reader because that is what associates the records to the grid.

Here is the code I am using now. I get no errors and I cay see no day is loaded, but I can see the data in firebug. Thanks again

It does not seem I am getting a loadException now.

    var dgStore = new{
            url: '/TOA/',
            totalProperty: 'numrows',
                'inc_epd', 'dstr_id', 'prj_o', 'inc_spd', 'tsk_m', 'dstr_dcs', 'isc', 'dec_dt', 'prj_h',
                'dstr_n', 'spc_con', 'aff_reg', 'cotr', 'cont_o', 'st', 'dstr_fy' 
            listeners: {
                loadexception: function(proxy, store, response, e) {
                            alert("Response Text?"+response.responseText);
                            alert("dgStore Message \n"+proxy+"\n"+store+"\n"+response+"\n"+e.message);