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Thread: The right way to add classes and external images

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    Default The right way to add classes and external images

    Were i need place images and classes what i use in code: for example i create toolbar and add "iconCls: 'addIcon'" property, where i need to write .addIcon {}?
    After i add .addIcon {backgroung:url(path/img.jpg)} where i must place img.jpg?

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    If you would like the css rules to be compiled into the final -all.css compressed build you'll need the rules to be picked up by the sass build that Cmd does. For that to happen you'll need your custom rules to be in an scss file under the {AppFolder}/sass/src folder with a name of a Class being loaded by the application. For most applications you could add a Component.scss file under src itself since most applications will use the Ext.Component class.

    If you aren't concerned with the file being merged / minified with the -all.css created through the build process you can just create your own .css file, put it in the resources folder, and link to it as normal just outside the <!-- </x-compile> --> section of the index file.

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