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Thread: How do animator projects integrate with ad servers such as Google DFP?

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    Default How do animator projects integrate with ad servers such as Google DFP?


    This may be a simple question, I was wondering how easy an animator project would be to integrate with an ad server such as Google DFP? Does anyone have any experience with that? I've still got a few weeks of the demo left.

    I'm hoping as the published files are just normal javascript / CSS file, that you would paste the code into the third party code box...



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    Hi digeridoopoo,

    The exported file is simply an html file consisting of html elements used in your animation, css3 keyframe data and style settings and some JS that handles scene transitions and interaction that you might have put in your animation. You can simply open and edit this file manually after you've exported it if you want to.

    If you need to insert a line of code in the head of the file, you can do that from Animator under Export->Other->Head HTML, or you can attach external JS or CSS files there as well. Therefore connecting your ad with Google DFP or any other service that requires you to just insert a few lines of code in the header should be really easy to do.

    Hope it helps

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