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Thread: Action clicking an object on the scene - Other doubts.

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    Default Action clicking an object on the scene - Other doubts.

    Dear all,

    I have to understand if Animator would be the right product to buy and so I bag your help just to make some elementary things.

    I'm just trying out Sencha animator and I did the following steps:

    1 I used an big image that has to work like a backgroud but is a big image.
    2 On a specific area of this image I created a rectangle that result trasparent (0 width line and empty bgd).
    3 Selecting this rectangle I've tried to use action on click choosing go to next scene
    4 Then I've tried to click over it but nothing happens.

    Suggestion request: wich is the best way to make a presentation which consists in several slide to see (like a PowerPoint) . I need that slide remains visible until the user click on the next button. It's not clear to me how to implement it here. Need I Always to define for each object on the scene a starting and ending keyframe ?
    How can I show an image and animation waiting that user choose what to do ?

    I need also to connect a pop up text to a button / object: Clicking the object one time the pop up rise and become visible. Clicking it another time has to return to hidden status. Is it difficult to set an object to hidden on first time ?

    Many thanks

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    Hi giovannino and welcome to the forums,

    Regarding your example, did you create a 2nd scene that was different from the first one? It might be that you are not seeing a difference because there is no 2nd scene to go to.

    It is certainly possible to create powerpoint-like presentation with Animator! In fact, one of the examples that is bundled with Animator 1.5 is presentation; to see it online go here: You should use this example to get you started with.

    Creating a pop-up on click should be easy as well, follow this procedure:
    1. create a button
    2. convert it to symbol (in library->symbols->convert to symbol)
    3. edit symbol - you should have 4 timelines: fade in, fade out, visible, invisible
    4. add your popup to the symbol above the button
    5. invisible should be your first timeline. Create 1 keyframe for the popup and set opacity to 0%
    6. visible -> create 1 keyframe for the popup and set opacity to 100%
    7. fade in: animate popup fading in
    8. fade out: animate popup fading out

    Organize timelines like this:


    button->onClick: go to next timeline
    fadeIn->on animation end: go to timeline visible
    fadeOut->on animation end: go to timeline invisible

    I hope this gets you started. Happy animating!

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