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Thread: controller.restartTimeline(); serious lag

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    Default controller.restartTimeline(); serious lag

    When I use controller.restartTimeline(); in the timeline "Start" action, on a timeline that contains a video, the entire scene takes at least 5 seconds to load. Is there a better, more performance efficient way to do this?

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    Hi webreality,

    The slowdown is probably due to video being reinitialized. Instead of restarting the scene, would it be an option to only restart the video? This would probably be a lighter solution, and you can restart the video in question by giving it an ID under Object->General->ID and then writing some code to reset the video timeline. Take a look at this thread for more details:

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    Default iPad doesn't support currentTime

    I tried what was explained in that post. It doesn't work on the iPad because currentTime isn't exposed to JavaScript until the video starts playing.

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