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Thread: Performances when loading remote ressources

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    Default Performances when loading remote ressources

    Hi there,

    My name is Robbie, i'm currently testing sencha products for future integration in my compagny.

    I'm using Desktop Packager as a simple container to a real remote hosted angular JS.
    Calling the service from the server is really fast, the same service from sencha took 2 mins to complete.

    So I've setup a html page with a simple link to localhost;8080.

    The problem is when loading this page, and looking at the remote devtools debugs, i've
    found that it takes many seconds to load external resources. I took 2 mins to complete the load.

    I've tested with external url locating by ip, hostname, etc

    When the ressource is remote it took age to load it.

    Any pieces of advices on this point ?


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    Hi Robbie,

    I haven't been able to reproduce this particular issue in my own SDP app. I took my existing app, added an Ext.Ajax.request call to a remote web-service to my app, to be executed when my Main controller's onLaunch method was executed. This returns results in reasonable time, 170ms in my case. Then I altered my index.html file to pull in a remote resource via a script tag. This took about 400ms to return. I then tested an existing web app that happens to pull in that same resource and compared the results and found that the time taken to load that resource between the two apps to be within 50 ms of each other.

    I am using SDP 1.2, which version are you running? Are your outbound connections going through a proxy layer?

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    Can you capture the image, so it easy to help.
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