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Thread: Issue with panel with accordion layout displaying a scrollbar

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    Default Answered: Issue with panel with accordion layout displaying a scrollbar

    I've a parent panel with an accordion layout, confined to a (vertically) restricted area of my viewport.
    This parent panel is dynamically populated to contain multiple child panels based off data in a store (using a dataview to generate div/html based).
    I have the parent's accordion behavior/rendering working fine. My issue is that since I can have many child panels, I am in need of a vertical scrollbar in the parent to be able to display/scroll them (remember, parent is in a vertically restricted area) since often my list of collapsed panel headers requires more space than what's used by the parent.

    Is there a way to have this work?

    I've tried pnl.setOverflowXY, overflowX, autoScroll (just to test - I don't want horizontal scrollbars at all) doLayout, etc to the parent (before as well as after adding each child item, etc) no avail. (I have seen this all work with non-dynamically added panels I believe)

    Any thoughts/ideas on how to have an accordion with a scrollbar in the parent?
    thanks in advance!


  2. Does this looks right?

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