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Sencha Cmd version 4.0 and later provides access to Cordova and PhoneGap. You can easily enable or disable access, package an app, and run an emulator or simulator. You can use the Sencha Cmd Cordova and PhoneGap commands to package and emulate a Touch or an Ext JS app. (from Sencha Touch 2.3 documents, see here).

It's simple. but I don't know how to package a production apk with Sencha Cmd 4.0. Are there any configurations for packaging?
1. To create a native sencha package of your app use:
sencha app build native

2. To create a packaged build use:
sencha app build package
(copy these files into the www of the cordova/phonegap project)

I have managed to get both methods to work to create an android package for a fairly complex app.

For 2., I followed the cordova (3) documentation by the book & it worked:


Above is a sequence of screen grabs of the project setup.
1. Generated Cordova project
2. Sencha packaged project pasted into the top level www folder of the generated Cordova project
3. The platform-specific output (android apk) after running my .bat file, which is simply:
# Build sencha package ...
# >sencha app build package
# Copy ../build/App/package/* ./www
# Building cordova android package ...
cordova build android