I have implemented an application that creates a dynamic ext.direct api for different user groups.
If the user logs in to the application the api is build via php on the server side.
Different users get different dynamic api's based on their rights to read, create, update, destroy data.
The model definition is the same for all users, example:

Ext.define('Ibd.model.Config', {
    extend: 'Ext.data.Model',
	fields: [
		{name:'id', type: 'int'},
		{name:'key', type: 'string'},
		{name:'value', type: 'string'}
	idProperty : 'id',
	proxy: {
        type: 'direct',
		extraParams: {
			task: 'ALL'
		api: {
			create: Config.createRecord,			
			read: Config.dispatch,			
			update: Config.updateRecord,			
			destroy: Config.destroyRecord
		reader: {
			root: 'results',
			totalProperty: 'total',
			successProperty: 'success'

In their dynamic api some users will not get the rights to "create" and "destroy" a record. So their individual api does not list this methods. Everything works fine up to ExtJs 4.1.3. The users can read and update data and cannot create and destroy data. The api-methods are evaluated at runtime, when the user tries to create or destroy a record.

In ExtJs 4.2.X the evaluation of the proxy api definitions seem to be handled earlier, because my form won't load with the error message:
" Ext.data.proxy.Direct.resolveMethods(): Cannot resolve Direct api create method undefined"

I would say:
"Yes, that's right the create method is not defined in the api because the user has no right to create a record, but so what, the user hasn't tried yet to create a record".

Is there a possibility to get the 4.1.3 evaluation behaviour of Ext.direct in the 4.2.X releases?
Or do i have to catch the error by hand and handle it, and how do i do it?
Or are their other suggestions for implementing a dynamic api based on user rights?

Thank you very much