How do you tell Sencha Architect to include Sencha Touch into your project so it gets packaged with it when it's published?

The issue is when I try to run it on a real device, it takes a while to load up the sencha-touch-all.js file and any images, etc. that go with it. So what I see on the device is a bright red screen (background color of index.html I think) during this time

Actually, I'm really puzzled about the red background...not sure why it's there as the loading screen.

The app.html has this:
var Ext = Ext || {};
Ext.theme = {
name: "Blackberry"
<script src=""></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="">

But I noticed in app.json, it includes touch/sencha-touch.js

It should blink the loading animation when it loads up on the device (I see this if I load index.html in a web browser), but instead, I see a red screen on the simulator and the device. The publish directory was packaged w/ the webworks10 tools.