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Thread: theming individual classes?

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    Default Answered: theming individual classes?

    Created Viewport with TabPanel, created 2 separate GridPanel classes by dropping on Views, not ViewPort. Added the 2 GridPanels to Tab1 and Tab2 by linking and checked xtype code to verify that each tab has different GP class/xtype. Went into GP1 and changed background color of rows. Row background color of GP2 is altered as well, even though they are different classes/xtype.

    Is the Architect 3 theming 100% global at the present time, or is there a way to e.g. extend the GridPanel class with each class having different CSS? tia

    more .... seems like a TabPanel does have more than "Global" in the skin dropdown ... allows new skin and rename skin ... but GridPanel only allows global .... am I missing something? Thanks.

    more .... ok this is a little nuts :-) I can create a new skin for Tab1 and for Tab3 _but_ Tab2 is greyed out on Global.

  2. Some components support creating your own UIs, so they can be styled individually. We're working on making this more consistent across the board and also adding some other options for non-global styling. There are definitely some rough edges, especially in the preview.

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