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Thread: When can we expect 4.2.2 to be stable?

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    Latest word is next week for 4.2.2 stable.

    Nightlies have fixed a few layout bugs for us, but introduced a new problem related to tree grid and paging (but the paging portion is kinda custom).

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    Who can give a clear message?

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    They might be releasing it very soon as stable. I still have many issues with the current nightly so don't expect everything to be fixed in your situation.

    Maybe this week .. See change notes from the nightly below:


    Release Notes for Ext JS 4.2.3

    Release Date: September 21, 2013
    Version Number:
    New Features

    • Core (1)
      • EXTJSIV-11001 Ext.util.Format.number - add the ability to use '0' in combination with '#'
      Total: 1
    Bugs Fixed

    • Charts (1)
      • EXTJSIV-11325 In RTL mode, Bar chart animations are incorrect
    • Core (1)
      • EXTJSIV-11091 Ext.util.History fails on IE9/Quirks
    • Examples (1)
      • EXTJSIV-11311 Resizer handles do not correctly account for border/padding on the resize element because of box-model differences
    • Forms (1)
      • EXTJSIV-11329 Forms: Dynamic Forms: 'Choose a month' screen in a date picker is getting refreshed with 'Space bar' and 'Enter' key
    • Grid (2)
      • EXTJSIV-11313 Destroying a grid while dragging a column header throws an error.
      • EXTJSIV-11330 Entering invalid data in a row editor causes the update/cancel buttons to stop working when in a locking grid
    • Layouts (1)
      • EXTJSIV-9880 FieldContainer no longer respects padding on the bodyCls
    • Selection Model (1)
      • EXTJSIV-10835 Shift + Row multi-deselect not triggering selectionChange Event
    • Theme (1)
      • EXTJSIV-11288 In RTL mode, the Neptune [+] icon has the connector line on the right.
      Total: 9
    Known Issues

    • Animation (1)
      • EXTJSIV-5487 accordion animation doesn't always complete if you click frequently
    • Charts (2)
      • EXTJSIV-10739 RTL Charts do not correctly display bidirectional text
      • EXTJSIV-5108 can't create label for type area series
    • Core (1)
      • EXTJSIV-4942 Element#tgetWidth() returns an incorrect result for naturally widthed absolutely positioned elements in some cases.
    • Data (4)
      • EXTJSIV-4319 Use a parameter other than 'id' for server calls
      • EXTJSIV-4335 Duplicate records when calling sync() on a autoSync store
      • EXTJSIV-4372 Grid Filtering Example: Bug with database return packet
      • EXTJSIV-6881 AMF Packet does not support AMF3 objects with externalizable traits
    • Documentation (1)
      • EXTJSIV-5156 Update documentation that fields (id,text,leaf) are expected
    • Examples (1)
      • EXTJSIV-5997 Tabs: Group Tabs:Form Layout UI get truncated on IE6
    • Forms (1)
      • EXTJSIV-2081 Issue with "Bullet list" in the form widget editor
    • Grid (3)
      • EXTJSIV-4091 Grid filters: initial value can be set, but it is not applied
      • EXTJSIV-5125 FiltersFeature - Updating column header class when using a column group
      • EXTJSIV-5607 Grid: getEditorParent is ignored - nested cell editing is not possible
    • Layouts (3)
      • EXTJSIV-3704 Ext.layout.container.Box: wrong children margins if using CSS rules
      • EXTJSIV-4768 Border Layout : regions overlap when size (or size constraint) won't allow all regions to fit container
      • EXTJSIV-7497 Form layout with shrink-wrapping in either dimension produces a layout failure
    • Misc (4)
      • EXTJSIV-4545 Kitchen Sink - Basic Tabs : By default tab headers are not displaying in Basic tabs.
      • EXTJSIV-4937 Combination Examples : Web Desktop : Notepad isplaying errors in error console upon double clicking on empty space in the note pad.
      • EXTJSIV-5254 HTMLEditor.insertAtCursor issues in "Source Edit"; mode
      • EXTJSIV-8357 Element boxWrap is not supported in Neptune theme
    • Panel (3)
      • EXTJSIV-5488 Panel collapse/expand behavior not as expected when called on hidden panel
      • EXTJSIV-5489 preventHeader not honored when panel is programmatically collapsed.
      • EXTJSIV-5544 Intermittent issue with collapseOnDblClick set to true on IE
    • Tabs (1)
      • EXTJSIV-3625 TabPanel: defaults: closable true not configurable
      Total: 25
    Release Notes for Ext JS 4.2.2

    Release Date: September 18, 2013
    Version Number:
    New Features

    • Charts (1)
      • EXTJSIV-8991 Pie charts should support callouts
    • Grid (2)
      • EXTJSIV-3316 Ext.ux.grid.FiltersFeature should support statefulness
      • EXTJSIV-3940 Grouping Feature should support statefulness
      Total: 3
    Bugs Fixed

    • Button (2)
      • EXTJSIV-10376 Cannot navigate to a link button's url by clicking in IE
      • EXTJSIV-9827 SplitButton doesn't support href functionality
    • Charts (9)
      • EXTJSIV-10355 Tooltip on a chart series: showDelay doesn't work
      • EXTJSIV-10879 Chart labels misaligned when hiding series with stacked bar chart
      • EXTJSIV-6740 Line chart does not draw properly when repeated categories are present
      • EXTJSIV-8147 Chart mask doesn't appear
      • EXTJSIV-8169 Charts: labels incorrectly aligned with rtl:true
      • EXTJSIV-8442 Chart legend colors overlap text in RTL mode
      • EXTJSIV-8531 Bar and Column series with configured width/height place bars/columns incorrectly
      • EXTJSIV-9517 Zoom mask is not positioned correctly on line charts
      • EXTJSIV-9742 Time Axis incorrectly maps months
    • Core (6)
      • EXTJSIV-10103 ScrollManager does not process all direction flags properly
      • EXTJSIV-10106 Component Query no longer trims spaces in attribute matching expressions
      • EXTJSIV-10401 Overrides do not properly link up to inherited methods
      • EXTJSIV-8122 "Permission Denied" when trying to access an XPCNativeWrapped object from unprivileged code
      • EXTJSIV-9934 Calling setPosition() on a component with animations turned on does not set the correct left and top position
      • EXTJSIV-9995 DelayedTask.delay - can't accept 0 delay
    • Data (4)
      • EXTJSIV-10271 Sorting without the optional parameter clears the data from a buffered store
      • EXTJSIV-4576 Send only the idProperty on calls for destroying a record
      • EXTJSIV-8693 No metachange event firing for stores configured via setProxy()
      • EXTJSIV-9973 HasMany association with no id on parent removes all associated records
    • DataView (1)
      • EXTJSIV-10249 Mouse enter/leave processing for view items can reference wrong view
    • Documentation (7)
      • EXTJSIV-10051 Component weight should be a public config
      • EXTJSIV-10937 Ext.EventObject.getTarget()'s maxDepth can be set to 1 to test the first element
      • EXTJSIV-11273 Ext.tip.Tip maxWidth - docs wrongly say that the max supported width is 500
      • EXTJSIV-9726 chart series does not fire itemmousemove event
      • EXTJSIV-9836 ColorPicker menu button example in docs has broken style
      • EXTJSIV-9841 Documentation for calculateCategoryCount and categoryNames configs on Category axis
      • EXTJSIV-9899 Using tab to forward between cell editing with RowBody present causes focus to jump
    • Draw (1)
      • EXTJSIV-9540 Draw: adding a sprite to a surface isn't shown
    • Examples (4)
      • EXTJSIV-10612 ExtJS 4.2 examples fail to load properly in Windows 8.1 Preview release/ IE11
      • EXTJSIV-10831 Tree Reorder example scrolls down but not up, when dragging
      • EXTJSIV-9664 Combobox picker does not display when clicking on the trigger in Opera
      • EXTJSIV-9684 Loadmask styling is incorrect
    • Forms (22)
      • EXTJSIV-10302 Long boxLabels start a new line instead of floating
      • EXTJSIV-10354 Combobox is not auto selecting when queryMode is local
      • EXTJSIV-10744 submitValue:false ignored when jsonSubmit enabled on form
      • EXTJSIV-10805 Transform removes margin on bottom of combo
      • EXTJSIV-11050 Firefox left alignment is incorrect on label with absolute position
      • EXTJSIV-11179 Entering invalid value in Time Field causes JS error
      • EXTJSIV-11224 Forms: Dynamic Forms: The icons are overlapped with labels under "Overflow toolbar" button's drop down menu in form 3
      • EXTJSIV-11290 multiSelect: true comboboxes do not allow deselect on ENTER
      • EXTJSIV-6133 FieldSet with anchor fields causes incorrect scrolling
      • EXTJSIV-6685 ComboBox with multiSelect enabled clears last value on tab
      • EXTJSIV-7324 HtmlEditor: Placing the cursor after text that was broken with a br tag puts the cursor at the beginning of the text in FF
      • EXTJSIV-7556 Combo Box : Basic Combo Box: Displaying Horizontal scroll bars in combo Boxes.
      • EXTJSIV-7608 Calling setValue on a timefield doesn't format the display
      • EXTJSIV-8124 "Cancel" does not fire change event for file input field in Chrome
      • EXTJSIV-9608 Menu separator position is incorrect in IE9 RTL mode
      • EXTJSIV-9703 Combo with multi-select not setting last value when tab to blur
      • EXTJSIV-9789 Uncontrollable flicker between textfields that have selectOnFocus
      • EXTJSIV-9792 setValue in htmleditor does not fire change event properly
      • EXTJSIV-9895 Tooltip text escapes the border in RTL mode
      • EXTJSIV-9936 fileuploadfield marked as invalid on submit w/ pollForChanges set to true
      • EXTJSIV-9969 'value' config does not work for Ext.form.field.Checkbox
      • EXTJSIV-9974 Ext.picker.Month bottom cut off
    • Grid (66)
      • EXTJSIV-10022 Grouping Feature - calling reconfigure isn't calling the correct GroupStore bindStore() API
      • EXTJSIV-10026 Exception when editing a cell of previously hidden column
      • EXTJSIV-10027 Collapsing grouping row causes subsequent row to be unselectable
      • EXTJSIV-10055 Auto-sizing doesn't recalculate column widths in a forceFit grid
      • EXTJSIV-10063 Editors canceledit event doesn't return the canceled value
      • EXTJSIV-10089 grouped header grid - wrong column width
      • EXTJSIV-10125 Extending RowNumberer does not inherit as expected
      • EXTJSIV-10130 Inserting record does not behave correctly
      • EXTJSIV-10137 Row style is not correct when expanding rows in a tree grid
      • EXTJSIV-10171 Collapsing group on summary grid does not allow selection
      • EXTJSIV-10177 RowEditor does not show column if it was hidden in config
      • EXTJSIV-10226 Problem when scrolling at the bottom of a grid with buffered store
      • EXTJSIV-10228 Dynamically setting a column editor (calling setEditor) does not work with the RowEditing plugin
      • EXTJSIV-10245 Grid with cell/row Editor in IE 8,9,10
      • EXTJSIV-10262 Hidden columns in stateful grids are out-of-sync with the view when shown
      • EXTJSIV-10316 Grid doesn't scroll when dragging records
      • EXTJSIV-10352 column.getHeaderIndex() is broken
      • EXTJSIV-10361 Store defined groupDir state is not maintained when you disable and then enable grouping
      • EXTJSIV-10374 Grouped headers aren't filtering out hidden sub columns when moving
      • EXTJSIV-10396 Grid view (scroll bar) jumps to beginning when selecting row.
      • EXTJSIV-10506 Hiding column group doesn't hide grouped columns
      • EXTJSIV-10548 If grid is configured with Checkbox selection model, rowexpander's colspan is incorrect
      • EXTJSIV-10570 Initially selected rows are not rendered with selected classes added.
      • EXTJSIV-10571 Records display is lost when scrolling buffered grid
      • EXTJSIV-10681 Grid panel with hidden column group does not render properly
      • EXTJSIV-10686 HeaderContainer subtracts scrollbarWidth from container width even when overflow-y is hidden
      • EXTJSIV-10688 Cell selection model errors out on store.removeAll()
      • EXTJSIV-10722 Locking grid should not shrinkwrap column widths if horizontal scroll enabled.
      • EXTJSIV-10724 Buffered stores only handle priming at page 1
      • EXTJSIV-10813 Expand / Collapsing of groups make them disappear
      • EXTJSIV-10847 Tab key navigation is not working when grid cells are in editable mode
      • EXTJSIV-10850 Cell editing and tabbing breaks if there is a hidden column
      • EXTJSIV-10851 Grid cell click return incorrect colIndex if there is hidden column
      • EXTJSIV-10861 Mouseover events not working on grouping grids with buffered stores.
      • EXTJSIV-10869 Kitchen Sink: Grids: Grouped Grid: Expanding any group under the grid displays JS error
      • EXTJSIV-10871 Cell editor is misaligned if underlying cell is empty or contains only spaces
      • EXTJSIV-10888 grid column missing dividing line after DnD
      • EXTJSIV-10953 columnManager.getColumns() does not include hidden columns
      • EXTJSIV-10955 group header column showing when all sub-columns are hidden
      • EXTJSIV-10993 GroupingSummary feature attempts to update last row in group event when showSummary is false.
      • EXTJSIV-11032 Incorrect column widths in grid when using both rowwrap and bufferedrenderer
      • EXTJSIV-11079 Checkboxmodel does not multi-select on checkbox selection
      • EXTJSIV-11121 RowEditor can't be "Canceled" if row is invalid and enter is pressed
      • EXTJSIV-11243 Columns with no dataIndex should not display "Group by this" menu item
      • EXTJSIV-11252 Scroll position jumps to selected grid row when a group is expanded or collapsed
      • EXTJSIV-11281 Grid row focus/selected borders do not get properly synced in some cases
      • EXTJSIV-7694 When using RowExpander and RowNumberer, RowNumberer is not getting proper CSS on expand
      • EXTJSIV-7866 RowExpander plugin broken if subclassing Grid
      • EXTJSIV-8967 Buffered Renderer reconfigure,loadData functions not working properly
      • EXTJSIV-8975 GridPanel + IE: scrollbar jumps to beginning on select in unlocked area
      • EXTJSIV-9061 BufferedRenderer.scrollTo throws an error when called on a grouped grid.
      • EXTJSIV-9096 FiltersFeature DateFilter initiates request on picker click without filter
      • EXTJSIV-9130 Bufferedrenderer can lose track of scroll position if user scrolls grid rapidly
      • EXTJSIV-9204 Horizontal scrollbar missing on grid with no height
      • EXTJSIV-9219 Row editor's "Update" and "Cancel" left aligned under row editor in IE 6 and do not respond to click
      • EXTJSIV-9297 CheckboxModel: editor.startEdit() shouldn't be called when checkbox is clicked
      • EXTJSIV-9396 Row editor does not display in IE6/7 in some cases
      • EXTJSIV-9426 Ellipsis no longer appear in grid column header when column title is long
      • EXTJSIV-9482 First row of a locking grid dos not correctly align with the column headers
      • EXTJSIV-9496 Grid groups are not collapsible after hiding a column
      • EXTJSIV-9499 column headers flicker when hovered in RTL Mode.
      • EXTJSIV-9605 Shrinkwrap column header displays an incomplete border
      • EXTJSIV-9874 Grid group header should not have focus outline when clicked
      • EXTJSIV-9878 Cannot use the Tab key to move the cell editor in IE when the grid only has one column
      • EXTJSIV-9957 Ext.grid.RowEditor doesn't disabled form buttons based on invalid status
      • EXTJSIV-9991 Grid with Infinite Scrolling - Reload Function
    • Layouts (4)
      • EXTJSIV-10678 Accordion layout calls wrongly named onComponentExpand method
      • EXTJSIV-10859 Window with vbox layout: First setHeight() collapses width.
      • EXTJSIV-11034 ExtJs 4.2.1: HtmlEditor always overflow its parent container
      • EXTJSIV-9885 Issue when removing expanded item for accordion layout
    • Locale (1)
      • EXTJSIV-10276 Locales use non-existent classname to override Ext.grid.feature.Grouping
    • Menu (1)
      • EXTJSIV-9920 Default scope of menu CheckItem checkHandler should be CheckItem
    • Misc (17)
      • EXTJSIV-10309 Destroying a record when represented in a view generates an error: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'className' of undefined
      • EXTJSIV-10530 Cannot get filefield value from the Form on submit
      • EXTJSIV-10560 DatePicker does not respect the padding config
      • EXTJSIV-10726 Mask does not cover full height when browser is scrollable
      • EXTJSIV-10911 startEditByPosition triggers error with hidden columns
      • EXTJSIV-11155 Ext.Editor overrides the field's msgTarget
      • EXTJSIV-5647 Filtered out records are missing from new and modified collection to sync.
      • EXTJSIV-7499 Boundlist bug with long display value(s) in IE9
      • EXTJSIV-8119 Remove redundant show/hide calls in Ext.Layer constructor
      • EXTJSIV-9165 NodeInterface.updateInfo doesn't set the 'modified' properties
      • EXTJSIV-9263 columnLines: true applies columnLines to any grids that are docked onto that grid
      • EXTJSIV-9313 Datepicker is not navigable using the keyboard in opera 12
      • EXTJSIV-9533 TreeStore.load does not rerender an expanded node's children after a successful load.
      • EXTJSIV-9577 Calling non-existent method in
      • EXTJSIV-9695 Miscellaneous: History: The Border line of the sub tab bar under "Tab1" is truncated.
      • EXTJSIV-9765
      • EXTJSIV-9801 Anchor tags should have proper Aria role specified
    • Panel (3)
      • EXTJSIV-10546 Accordion layout stops responding when expanding/collapsing in some cases
      • EXTJSIV-11166 Removing a component under a collapsed panel throws setStyle error
      • EXTJSIV-9917 Constraining Window inside Panel not working if animateTarget is in use
    • Performance (1)
      • EXTJSIV-7488 Menu item activation/deactivation very CPU intensive on IE9
    • Selection Model (2)
      • EXTJSIV-9118 De-selecting from MultiSelect w/selection mode: "single" throws exception
      • EXTJSIV-9138 Unable to reload buffered grid when rows are selected
    • Tabs (2)
      • EXTJSIV-10909 Tab's default closeText is overridden incorrectly
      • EXTJSIV-9350 Cannot close tabs using the close icon in opera 11
    • Theme (6)
      • EXTJSIV-10033 Neptune's grid header trigger images are not referenced correctly using theme-background-image()
      • EXTJSIV-11082 The $include-ie sass variable doesn't properly exclude all IE-specific rules when set to "false"
      • EXTJSIV-11119 CSS precedence for button's "focus" and "over" states is incorrect, "over" should take precedence over "focus"
      • EXTJSIV-9723 Add support for linear-gradient in IE10
      • EXTJSIV-9888 ellipsis is displayed in the header when using a rowexpander column
      • EXTJSIV-9970 Neptune tool spritesheet inconsistencies
    • ToolTips (2)
      • EXTJSIV-10833 Qtip doesn't stretch to fit its title
      • EXTJSIV-9901 Tooltip text is cut off in Firefox on Mac OS
    • Toolbars (2)
      • EXTJSIV-10623 Checkboxes do not retain state in overflow menu
      • EXTJSIV-9588 Keyboard navigation no longer works with toolbar buttons
    • Tree (6)
      • EXTJSIV-10270 Tree node drag scrolls in wrong direction
      • EXTJSIV-11284 Multi-select drag/drop tree allows multiple nodes to be dragged simultaneously
      • EXTJSIV-6080 Cell editor sometimes not hidden when external mousedown is on a DragZone
      • EXTJSIV-8237 Tree: non-leaf nodes aren't given proper styles and functionality when id or children isn't set
      • EXTJSIV-9544 Tree events are not being relayed through the TreeStore
      • EXTJSIV-9867 Tree expansion. Repeating right arrow key during animated node expand blurs tree.
    • Window (7)
      • EXTJSIV-10107 Window's drag proxy is not shown with the correct z-index in some cases
      • EXTJSIV-10566 Closing a panel with draggable:false incorrectly assumes it has a DragSource
      • EXTJSIV-5957 Window stays in front of modal Messagebox
      • EXTJSIV-6229 zIndexManager.bringToFront() called multiple times
      • EXTJSIV-9018 Window header ghost does not mirror actual header during drag
      • EXTJSIV-9704 window resize event stops firing after restore
      • EXTJSIV-9984 MessageBox Icon alignment incorrect in RTL
      Total: 176
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    Any news today?
    How nightly looks? Many bugs left?

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    No big news. Nightly is ok but still some minor issues they need to resolve. Nobody knows how many bugs left since there is no open bug tracking system in place for us.

    Just be patient it's a very complex framework release is not far is my guess.
    If you like to follow every change you should buy a subscription license that comes with support and gives you SVN access and to subscriber only builds.

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    Default Layout Failed

    I'm getting Layout Failed errors when I updated to some of the recent nightly builds. In some situations, it doesn't seem to like '100%' widths or vbox layouts unless you specify an align, etc.

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    Was supposed to be this week, but unfortunately it's been delayed and you shouldn't expect that anymore. I'm still confident that we are on track for next week.

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    Any plans on releasing new version this week?

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    Still on track for this week, and if it goes this week it will be tomorrow.

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    Why does the download page show the GPL version of ExtJS 4.2.2 was released on 9/23?
    But my subscriber downloads don't show a 4.2.2 commercial has been released?

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