A few releases ago, Save to Toolbox was a welcome addition. It allowed you to reuse classes that started in Architect. Now we have Import User Extension that imports code that started outside Architect - awesome!

What I would very much like to see now is convergence between the internal format Architect stores these artifacts in. I'm very impressed with the way in which user extensions are stored. The packages concept seems very sound to me and I appreciate the benefits of having the packages in plain file and folder structure.

My big problem with the way the Toolbox works is that it stores it's artifacts in a format that is not readily human readable. Please correct me if I'm wrong on that point - it's been a little while since I looked at that.

I'd like the artifacts created from Save to Toolbox converted to packages and stored in a similar format to the packages created from importing user extensions. It seems to me they're basically the same thing, just started in different places. I'm just thinking ahead to if / when Architect becomes integral to our development process and the steps involved in setting up a new install for someone. A plain file structure seems far superior to me on this point. It should be possible to just move the files around and come up with a fresh install of Architect with all the extra extensions I need. I know you can export individual toolbox components to file, but this doesn't seem that great to me long term.

Any chance of converging Toolbox and User Extensions in the future?