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Thread: installing V3 wipes out V2

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    Default Answered: installing V3 wipes out V2

    It would be nice if the new major version version of Architect did not overwrite the previous version much in the fashion that Cmd does not overwrite previous versions.

    I'm using Ubuntu and I did not think to change the locations of the install until I found that I could not run v2 of Architect. I fixed my problem by uninstalling v3 and reinstalling v2 and then installing v3 in /opt/test/.

    Now I find that my desktop icon is overwritten and points to v3. I fixed this problem by editing the v3 ".desktop" file to change the name to Architect v3.

    It would be nice if each major version installed into a separate location and had different startup icons so both versions could be installed at the same time to allow both to be used during migration from one major version to the next.

    Now on to testing v3...


  2. Sorry, This will not be an issue when SA3 is released.

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