I have a suggestion on a layout change for Architect v3.

This is a minor change which will allow me (and I hope others) an easier time using Architect.

Currently the Project Inspector is on the upper right and the Toolbox is on the left. I have the option to swap the Project Inspector and the Toolbox.

I find that I navigate with the Project Inspector to edit components. When editing controllers, I often do not need either the Toolbox or the Config area. Moving the Project Inspector to the left helps but I often collapse that side to get a wider editing area.

Here are my suggestions:
  1. Allow the right side to be collapsed. This would allow more area for the editor.
  2. On the right side, put the Config area and the Project Inspector area in either tabs or an accordion. I prefer this because I only need one at a time. This would allow a larger area for both and less time spent scrolling. I find I am constantly changing the size of these areas by dragging the center up and down. I'd much rather click on a tab.
I'd love to hear from other users on these suggestions. Lets make this program easy to use!

If Architect is written in Extjs, these should be easy layout changes.