Dear Touchers,

I've got a questuion about the scss file with some additional icon cls.
When i add another font file, I'm loosing all the default iconCls even when I include them manually. Any Ideas how to keep the basic font with an additional font file?

Here's the scss:

$base-color: #6496B6; // Dunkelblau 
$background-color: #6496B6; // Dunkelblau 

// The following two lines import the default Sencha Touch theme. If you are building
// a new theme, remove them and the add your own CSS on top of the base CSS (which
// is already included in your app.json file).
@import 'sencha-touch/default';
@import 'sencha-touch/default/all';

@include icon-font('MyFont', inline-font-files('pictos/cuticons.woff', woff, 'pictos/cuticons.ttf', truetype, 'pictos/cuticons.svg', svg));

@include icon('sync', '!', 'MyFont');

@include icon('camera');
@include icon('help');
@include icon('upload');
@include icon('loop2');
@include icon('home');

// Custom code goes here..

// Examples of using the icon mixin:
// @include icon('user');