I was very excited to see the additional functionality of being able to duplicate controllers and controller actions in the Public Beta. I noticed an odd behavior while experimenting with this capability, however. Once you've reconfigured a duplicated controller action to set the new component query, fn name, and event binding, if you then attempt to rename the fn at a later point, the event binding associated with the action becomes the name of the function rather than the event (eg, the action is identified with an event of 'onWhateverAction' rather than 'click', for example). This manifests in the Project Inspector tree (as seen below) but it looks like the correct event is still bound to the action in the action's Config panel. This not only happens with duplicated controller actions, but with any existing controller action when you attempt to change the fn name. Examples follow:

Before renaming:


After renaming:


The controller may, in fact, respond to the correct event, but I didn't test that. The workaround is to simply select another event binding, then change it back to the correct event.

This isn't a huge deal, but I noticed it and thought you should be aware.

M. McConnell