Version(s) of Ext GWT
«Ext GWT 3.0.6»

Browser versions and OS
(and desktop environment, if applicable)
  • «Internet Explorer 9, Windows 7»
  • «Firefox 24, Windows 7»
  • «Chrome 30.0.1599.47 beta-m, Windows 7»

Virtual Machine

«It is possible to start opening datepicker (for example by clicking "down arrow" when focus is in datefield) and before it is shown the focus can be shifted to another field. Any selection event in the shown datepicker will cause an error.

Run mode
«Development mode and Production mode»

Steps to reproduce the problem
  1. </i>
  2. Go to page
  3. Place cursor to the "Birthday" datefield
  4. Press "down arrow" key to open datepicker
  5. At once (before datepicker is shown) place cursor to some other field (in browsers like IE8 it isn't hard to do)
  6. Select some date in the shown datepicker

Expected result
«Datepicker should not be shown at all after focus is moved to another field»

Actual result
«Datepicker is shown and error occurs when i select something in it»

Helpful Information


Possible fix
«Not provided»