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Thread: Column chart columns hidden (partiall update/hide) on update - issue in IE10

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    Default Column chart columns hidden (partiall update/hide) on update - issue in IE10


    We are facing issue of chart update in IE10 (works fine on chrome) i.e. when we try to load the store, which is bind to chart, with updated data the chart's column get's hidden and only 1st column is made visible.

    Below are the details:

    In IE10 when we update the chart store using store.laodData(mydata), only first column is made visible while other column's are hidden (css class x-hide-visibility applied), but the tooltip of these hidden column is still active on mouse hover.

    Below is the scenario:
    on chart creation the data was of 4 weeks (4 columns), chart is rendered successfully. When we change the data to 1 week, chart is updated correctly. But when we change the data again to 4 week (or 2 or 3), the chart displays only first column while the rest of them are hidden, but the custom tooltip we applied is still visible on mouse hover.

    Platform details:
    - Extjs version: 4.1.1
    - OS: Windows 7
    - Browser IE 10.0.9

    Code details:
    - create the chart of type column and assign the store to it.
    - Later when user change the data, we update the store (available as reference var) using mystore.loadData(mydataArray);
    - bind the store to chart, though it has no effect when we removed this part of code.
    - Even tried chart redraw - same it has no effect.
    - Even refreshing the view

    Things I tried that didn't worked:
    - Changed the ArrayStore to JsonStore - no effect.
    - tried store.removeAll() before store.loadData(mydata) - the chart is drawn blank even on first attempt.
    - tried store.getProxy().destroy();
    - tried store.removeAt(i) in for loop and later did store.insert(I) or store.loadData(mydata, true/false) - no effect

    I would really appreciate if someone could guide me in solving it, as right now I'm completely lost.

    Thanks for quick reply.

    Ayush V.

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    When looking for guidance from the community, posting a working test case can greatly increase your likelihood of getting a response.

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