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Thread: ExtJs and Sencha Touch

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    Default ExtJs and Sencha Touch

    I'm trying to write some class compatible with both ExtJs and Sencha Touch frameworks.
    I'd like to get some information about how (and possibly when...) the two frameworks will converge in future, something like:
    - yes: the config object will be ported to ExtJs
    - the initComponent (ExtJs) will become initialize (ST2)
    - or the initialize (ST2) will become initComponent

    I understand that giving out roadmaps is hard and error prone, but I don't think to be the only one wondering how to best reuse some code between two different UI.

    Best regards

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    Hi Michele,

    This is a time old question and yes Sencha are starting to merge the frameworks starting with a core package that will be shared (Store, model...) Sencha conference they announced that Touch charts will also be available to ExtJS and the Touch event framework will be moving into ExtJS as well.

    Are you trying to write an app that will run on both desktop and tablet?
    If so then ExtJS with Touch events maybe what your after.

    Otherwise we tackled this problem by using DeftJS style controllers and putting shared code into the controllers. We implemented overrides to cover the basics such as getEL() getParent().....

    To deal with the config object we ensured our shared controllers called accessor methods rather than accessing config or property values directly which meant they played nicely with Touch.


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