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Thread: form.loadRecord seems to have stopped working after upgrading to 4.2.1

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    Default form.loadRecord seems to have stopped working after upgrading to 4.2.1

    I've upgraded my project from 4.0.7 to latest: 4.2.1 and I noticed all my forms stopped loading the record. If I open an update form on some user the form remains blank where in 4.0.7 works.

    I'm using:
    HTML Code:
    var form = Ext.create('Ext.form.Panel', {
    form.on("render", function(form) {    form.loadRecord(win.record);}, this);

    A console.log on the record itself returns:

    constructor {raw: Object, modified: Object, data: Object, hasListeners: HasListeners, events: Object}
    data: Object
        active: 1
        date_added: Sun Aug 04 2013 19:32:40 GMT+0300 (EEST)
        email: ""
        id: 1636
        username: "xxxxxxxx"
    __proto__: Object
    events: Object
    hasListeners: HasListeners
    id: "AP.model.User-1636"
    index: 1
    internalId: 1636
    modified: Object
    phantom: false
    raw: Object
    store: constructor
    stores: Array[1]
    __proto__: Object
    I can see the data holding the right values but I don't know why isn't the record loaded in the form. I know I can use the url param on the form itself and load the record but I prefer knowing if something changed in the way one should use loadRecord on a form.

    Much appreciated

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    There are some comments in the Ext.form.Basic.loadRecord documentation that seem relevant. They both have suggested solutions. I looked at the source code from 4.0.7 and 4.2.1 documentation links and see the change mentioned below.

    I didn't try either of these solutions.

    Attention! In Ext 4.1.3, loadRecord function looked like this: return this.setValues(; which allows us to pass an object built from the server with no associated with to fill the form.

    But now, loadRecord function is: return this.setValues(record.getData()); so we have to pass a record that is a and it doesn't work anymore with an object having a "data" property...poor it was so useful when you aren't be able to build a data model manually cause of too complex structure...

    Edit: If myObject is an object with a property "data" that is an array containing the list of key/pair values You can use .getForm().setValues(myObject); but the setValues function doesn't set the private "_record" property of the form. So when you call .getForm().getRecord() it will return undefined...

    Workaround: You have to add a function to "myObject": myObject.getData = function (){ return; }

    and like so, you can now call .getForm().loadRecord(myObject); It seems to work again like 4.1.3
    Reply to first comment :
    You are right. In 4.2 edition, when we use "loadRecord(data)" function, ExtJS throwing an error message "getData is not a function". Instead of "loadRecord", when we use "setValues(data)" working properly!
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