We had a webinar about Architect 3 on Sept 19th and collected a bunch of questions from attendees during the session that we didn't have time to answer at the end. We've collected, sorted and answered them here. If you have further followup questions, please raise them in new threads so that we stick to one subject per thread.


Q: I dialed in late. Will the recording be available?
A: Yes, here: https://vimeo.com/74980646

Q: HI...I downloaded, but got Sencha Arch 2.2 -- is there a download for 3?
A: The Architect 3 beta is available on the Architect 3 forum http://www.sencha.com/forum/announcement.php?f=117&a=44. It replaces the previous Preview version we released in August.

Q: When will Architect production version be available?
A: We are targeting a fall 2013 release.

Q: Will the beta wipe out my current 2.2 version?
A: No, Architect 2 and 3 can live side-by-side on the same computer. If you are using Windows, make sure to install Architect 3 to a different folder than Architect 2, and if you are on a Mac then make sure to give each version of the app a different name. Please note that projects created in Architect 3 will not be viewable in Architect 2.

Q: If we create projects in the beta, will they be readable by the final product?
A: Yes

Q: Is there any free upgrade for Architect 2.x users?
Q: I purchased Sencha Complete 2 recently what is the pricing for Sencha Complete 3 Upgrade?
Q: Is $995 for one year support?
Q: Any discount on touch bundle?
Q: Is there any Open source license available?
Q: Is there any discounts for student with Sencha Architect?
A: When it is released, Architect 3 will be a free upgrade for users who bought or renewed the Sencha Complete bundle or the Touch Bundle within the last year. It will also be a free upgrade for users who purchased Architect 2 after we announced Architect 3 at SenchaCon on July 16 2013. We will send these users an Architect 3 activation code. There will also be limited-time discount pricing for Architect 2 users to allow them to upgrade Architect 3 for $259 or to Sencha Complete for $695 or the Touch Bundle for $495. The bundles include a year of support and maintenance that is renewable.There is no open-source version of Architect and no student discount. It does come with a fully functional 30 day evaluation period. The frameworks themselves are available under both commercial and GPL license. See http://www.sencha.com/products/touch/license/ and http://www.sencha.com/products/extjs/license/ for details.
Architect 3 features

Architect User Extensions

Q: Where can we find those extensions that @aconran has in his Architect 3 ?
A: http://docs.sencha.com/Architect/3/#!/guide/ux_using

Q: Can we use components in the touch grid?
A: The TouchGrid.aux which will be available as part of Sencha Complete and the Touch Bundle comes with 11 subcomponents you can add to a grid such as a grid headers, and editable plugin, Template columns.

Q: In the final release of SA3, will auto-creation of .aux file supported? Currently Sencha Cmd 4 only creates the directory structure.
A: We are investigating ways to make this easier in future versions. In Architect 3.0 you will still have to manually complete a few steps to create an .aux

Q: I like the new cupertino and mountain view themes for iOS and Android looks respectively but are there any plans to make themes less iOSey (such as Android equivalent to actions sheets)? (note: i haven't yet tried had the chance to try the new themes)
A: We are looking into adding more themes in future versions of the frameworks.

Q: Is there no Android theme?
A: Yes, there is, we call it the Mountain View theme. You can change to this via Library -> theme and then configure it from there. Note: there is a bug in the initial release of the Beta where the Mountain View doesnt appear as a choice when viewing previews of templates. This will be fixed.

Q: Theming: Is it quick and easy to dynamically change the theme based on the device viewing it? (Android theme shown to android users) without creating separate builds
Q: Can we apply a theme to a UI component dynamically (i.e. in runtime)?
A: Yes this is possible using code in the launch of the application
Code Completion

Q: Should I download the later version of Architect 3 online for code completion feature?
Q: Do we have code intellisense in Architect 3?
Q: I have SA3 installed on Windows7 Pro and the code completion doesn't work which pressing CTRL+SPACE.
A: Yes. Code completion is available in the Architect 3 Public Beta. Youll need to download the new Architect 3 Beta to get the latest features as the older Architect 3 Preview did not include code completion and will not receive any more updates.
Mobile device testing in the cloud using Appurify

Q: Will Appurify be supporting testing for blackberrys?
A: Appurify at this time does not support blackberry device testing and has no plans yet to add support.
Using Architect

Q: How do you unit test code in Architect?
Q: Unit test project template is available?
Q: Appurify sounds great for integration/acceptance testing, but will Architect have any support for writing and running unit tests, especially for developers who want to do TDD?
A: We are investigating the best way to add unit testing to Architect. In the meantime some community members have come up with some interesting ideas: http://www.sencha.com/forum/showthre...with-Architect

Q: how do you subclass model or store components ?
A: When you drag out a Store you are automatically creating a subclass of it. If you are looking to create subclasses of your own custom stores or models; please take a look at our user extensions documentation: http://docs.sencha.com/Architect/3/#!/guide/ux_extend

Q: We are using ExtJS 4.2 on our applications. Once we develop our UI on sencha Architect 3, Is there a way to get the UI and theme into the ExtJS 4.2?
A: If you develop your ExtJS 4.2 application in Architect 3 then Architect will use the UI and theme you create to create an ExtJS 4.2 application

Q: I have an existing hand-coded extjs 4.2 app. How easy is it to move the controllers, views, etc to an Architect project?
Q: How does Architect work with an external editor? Can I use it just for creating and theming views while still using my ide for coding?
Q: Does Architect 3 support the ability to modify the code outside of Architect?
Q: I missed the early part of the presentation -- does Architect 3 still destroy comments in existing code when it's edited?
Q: Into the previous Architect there was a bug that files could not edited outside of Architect, then project was broken. Is that fixed in the new version?
A: Architect is designed so that you can create your entire application from within it, without needing to use any other tool to edit .js or other resources. If you want to use an external editor, you can create parts of your application in Architect and then use code overrides from within Architect to include code created outside it. If you have existing code youd like to bring into Architect you can package it as a user extension and then install it into Architect or you can add it as a .js resource to an Architect project

Q: Can we customize colors within code editor? currently is is very limited.
A: We have a light and dark theme you can choose from in the settings. We plan to improve these themes, but for now there is no plan to allow for complete customization.

Q: What's the best way to checkin code? just metadata?
Q: When you referred to version control - is this an internal mechanism only for the aux components or does this have broader scm support such as git?
Q: Are you also providing version control support in Architect
A: You will want to check in your metadata and any other other resources or overrides you add to your project into your prefered source control solution. Architect does not directly tie to any specific solution. Architect does watch the project folder on disk so it can detect any changes coming in through source control and pull them into the project (along with warning and conflict resolution if conflicts are detected)

Q: With code completion coming how about other IDE nice to haves such as commenting code via keyboard shortcuts?
A: The Architect 3 beta already has many code editing keyboard shortcuts, including commenting code. To see the full list switch to a code view in Architect and click on the little keyboard icon in the bottom right. These will also be updated in the documentation by the time we ship.
Framework Questions

Q: Can we have iOS 7 theme in sencha touch?
A: We are working on it. Stay tuned.

Q: Does the new Touch grid work well at phone resolutions?
A: No, the new Touch grid (available as part of Sencha Complete and the Touch Bundle) is designed for tablet resolutions, not phone resolutions.

Q: You say if we are somewhere in the middle, we have to choose. Well, our products need to span desktop to mobile. What do we do then?
Q: For a multi-channel project, where web, tablet, mobile device are equally important, which one should we use - Sencha Ext or Sencha Touch? Or, do we need to have 2 separate code base to support 2 different group of apps?
A: The answer really depends on your needs. There are some situations where you would want a Touch project spanning from the desktop to mobile, and others where youd want to use Ext JS to handle older browsers and more complicated applications while using Touch for its rich mobile support. If you do end up needing to use both frameworks then you will probably create separate views for them, but you may be able to share lower level logic and backend data services.

Q: Can I expect the same level of integration, ease of use, reliability with Ext JS than with Sencha Touch ?
A: Ext JS and Sencha Touch share the same heritage so if you are familiar with one it should be straightforward to start using the other.

Q: What browsers are supported?
Q: Does Sencha support pre html5?
A: Sencha Architect uses your computers default browser to preview your application when you click the Preview toolbar button. Senchas Ext JS supports most browsers, and you can see the full list here: http://www.sencha.com/products/extjs/. Sencha Touch supports modern mobile browsers on Windows, iOS, BlackBerry and Android.

Q: What is Touch Grid?
A: Sencha Touch Grid is a highly optimized grid component for touch tablet devices. The Touch Grid makes it easy to fetch, sort, filter, and edit large amounts of data on touch devices. It's easy to configure each column of the grid as well as customize any column using column renderers. It available as part of Sencha Complete and the Touch Bundle.

Q: Can you talk a little about the phonegap integration?
A: Theres some info in this blog post, and more will be coming soon: http://www.sencha.com/blog/whats-com...cha-touch-2-3/
Requests For Future Features

Q: Will #Architect3 support Ext.app.Profile for Sencha Touch ?
A: Enhanced multi device application building will be supported in the 3.x lifecycle but will not be part of the initial 3.0 release.

Q: Can I create custom folders in new Architect?
A: We are looking into ways to allow users to further organize their code with the project inspector, but this will not be in the initial 3.0 release.

Q: Ext and Architect has support for the MVC pattern. Is there support or future plans for other patterns such as MVVM ?
A: We are investigating adding support for other coding patterns in the frameworks and Architect, but we dont yet have a particular plan to share.
General Questions

Q: Hello, how can i see the .js?
A: All of the javascript is saved to disk in the app/ directory. In Architect you can select a component in the inspector and then click the code toggle in the center pane to view the code.

Q: If we are primarily delivering iOS solutions, do you recommend using the Mac version instead of Windows version?
A: On a Mac you can use Xcode which is required to do native packaging for iOS using Sencha Cmd. There are other solutions like Phonegap Build that do provide solutions for Windows. Also consider you can do final builds on an OS X machine while doing primary development on machines developers choose.

Q: Are you planning to demo how SA3 will create a build of a project?
Q: Can you go through with the packaging, to reduce the size of sencha.js and css
A: We are not demoing the build mechanism today however future demo/webinars will cover this. Expect a lot of changes and improvement around building your Ext JS and Touch projects using SA 3 in future beta refreshes.

Q: Is main focus changing from Eclipse to Architect 3+ or is it simply a different tract?
A: This Webinar was focused on Architect 3. The Sencha Eclipse plugin is available as part of Sencha Complete and the Touch Bundle.
Learning and Training and Books

Q: Will any Architect specific classes be offered in the near future?
Q: will there be any sencha training for touch + Architect online? all online is focussed on ext js + Architect
Q: what is the course duration for online training courses? will you provide any materials ?
Q: Is there any certification available?
Q: I am getting ExtJS 4.2 and Sencha Architect 3.0 training. Will I be getting sencha touch also with this training or sencha touch is whole separate?
Q: Is there any upcoming training in Germany?
Q: What's the best way to start ? documentation, tutorial, training (in Europe)...
A: Our training group offers classes which target using Architect with either Ext JS & Sencha
Touch. Check out our classes on our training site: http://www.sencha.com/training/courses/. There is a Berlin class in Ocotober: http://www.sencha.com/company/events...aining-berlin/ We are developing a certification program and will soon have more information to announce. If interested, please contact: training@sencha.com".

Q: This is my introduction to Sencha. Other than buying a book are there tutorials through sencha that will walk a developer step by step through developing an App?
A: Yes. Our online documentation includes a guided starter project tutorials, you can start here: http://docs.sencha.com/Architect/2/#!/guide. Also, see the training mentioned above.

Q: Sencha Architect is moving a little fast, in comparison w/extjs where we have abundant docs/books for Sencha Architect there is not much docs
A: Were constantly improving documentation and will continue to do so. Weve just released our new Developer Center developer.sencha.com. A community member Loiane Groner recently wrote a book that helps to bring together the knowledge found around the internet. http://www.packtpub.com/sencha-Archi...velopment/book

Questions we need more information to answer

Q: Does Sencha provide application provision function for desktop web application instead mobile device?
A: Are you asking if you can a package an Architect project from within Architect to run natively on a desktop computer? If so, then the answer is no.

Q: Not so much a bug, but a limited set of config parameters
Q: Will there be changes to model validations? I've recently found them quite limiting in Architect 2.2.
A: Can you provide a specific example?