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Thread: Folders Can't Contain More than 1 File

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    Default Answered: Folders Can't Contain More than 1 File

    I noticed a weird issue today. I was trying to add a few resources to the same folder. After saving the fiddle, the newest resources added to the folder are not listed under the folder, but are instead placed at app root with the full path name for their display name.

    For example, I tried to do the following:
    • <root>
      • app
        • store
          • Store1.js
          • Store2.js
    However, after saving, it looks like this:
    • <root>
      • app
        • store
          • Store1.js
      • app/store/Store2.js
    This doesn't actually harm anything, but it makes the organization a bit busted.

    Here's the offending fiddle for a live example:

  2. Just made a push and should have this fix in it. Let me know if there is still an issue that you see in one of your fiddles.

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