Just upgraded to Sencha 2.3 & find my app no longer runs when packaged for Android. It hangs on the splash (3 dots) screen.

To check if this wasn't due to something in my code I created a new Sencha app. Here are the steps to reproduce the error (using the latest sencha-touch 2.3 & sencha-cmd 4):
1. Generate new app:
> sencha -sdk [new-sdk-path] generate app Tester ./tester
2. Modify the following properties of the packager.json file
> certificatePath: './test-cerfiicate.keystore'
> sdkPath: 'my android sdk path'
> androidAPILevel: 16
(these settings have always worked for previous packaging of the app)
3. Generate an an Android install / apk file:
sencha app package build packager.json

An apk is generated (with no output errors)
After installing the apk on my device, I see the blue demo app startup screen (3 dots) and stays that way.

Running the app + generating a packaged build (sencha app build package) runs perfectly fine in the browser