I am slowly finding my way around the Animator.

I can replace an image in a running animation via javascript, and position the new image where the original image was located with this:

target_node.style.webkitTransform = "translate3d(335px,54px,0px)";

But I got those magic numbers from the IDE. Next i would like to get them via javascript.

The original image has an ID. Inspecting the DOM for the exported animation, I see that the ID identifies a DIV (DIV1). DIV1 has a child DIV (DIV2). DIV2 has a child IMG the target for image replacement.

But inspecting style for those three (DIV1, DIV2, IMG) provides no translate3d values. I dont see them either with Firebug or javascript (target_node.style.webkitTransform).

How do I reference an image translate3d location via javascript? Where are the translate3d values in the DOM?

Note that the image to be replaced does not move around in the animation its position remains constant throughout.

FWIW, here is the dot-anim:

{"name":"New Image","type":"image","value":"","uid":"NfjYeEgC","properties":{"object-image":{"enabled":true,"src":"asset://sym14.jpg","inline":0,"width":107,"height":109},"width":{"enabled":true,"value":107},"height":{"enabled":true,"value":109},"translate3d":{"enabled":true,"x":335,"y":54,"z":0},"anchor":{"enabled":true,"value":"tl"},"object-name":{"enabled":true,"value":"plum"},"object-text":{"enabled":true,"value":""},"object-cssid":{"value":"sym-plum","enabled":true},
... and the dot-html:

#PFX-sym-plum{-moz-transform:translate(335px, 54px);transform:translate3d(335px, 54px, 0px);-webkit-transform:translate3d(335px, 54px, 0px);width:107px;height:109px;top:0;left:0;}