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Thread: Trying to convert RowEditingPlugin event listeners to action fails

    Success! Looks like we've fixed this one. According to our records the fix was applied for DSGNR-4805 in Architect 3.0.x.
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    Exclamation Trying to convert RowEditingPlugin event listeners to action fails

    Tested up to Sencha Architect 2.2.3.

    Trying to convert a RowEditingPlugin event listeners into an action fails (example: the edit event) . The content of the listener is lost forever if you don't copy it first.

    The RowEditingPlugin's pluginId field is set.
    Trying to convert into an action will delete the event listener and create an invalid action.

    Possibly this bug affects other plugins.

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    I took the time to report this problem, and as a premium support subscriber, I'd like to have at least one reply from Sencha to know if that is to be corrected or not. Thanks.

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    Sorry we missed this. I've just gone through the process of trying to reproduce the bug.

    Started an Ext 4.2 project
    Dragged out a Grid
    Put a row editing plugin on the grid
    Add an event binding on the editing plugin for the 'edit' event
    Right click on the event binding go to Convert TO Action -> New Controller

    It generates a new controller and controller action
    Because it is a plugin it didn't quite know how to generate the controlQuery (Here is where the bug is)

    You can plug in any controlQuery and your code will be present. It is not "lost". To make this work manually configure it with a controlQuery that will match the grid. The editing plugin fires the events both on the plugin itself as well as the component (the grid).
    Aaron Conran

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    Thanks for the explanation and taking this bug into account.

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