Because my OCD/ADHD/YMCA/LOL becomes uncontrollable at times I'd like to make the following two feature requests for future version.
  1. Ability for my Controllers/Views/Stores/Models to be sorted alphabetically (within it's grouping - ie Controllers alphabetized under Controllers, etc). Just a way to right-click on the grouping to do it instead of dragging them to the correct spot is all I want.
  2. Allow me to right-click on objects I don't need open in Architect to "close" them. Right now the only way I know how to close objects I don't need open is to double-click it so that an actual tab opens up for it and then close the tab. Provided I'm closing the objects in the right order the file will then be closed (Controller --> View --> Store --> Model). For example I know I can't close a model file if I have the store that uses it is open, but it would be nice to be able to close them if they are not needed (see mental issues above).