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Thread: Sencha Architect / Command - Images and IOS Simulator images not loading

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    Default Sencha Architect / Command - Images and IOS Simulator images not loading

    I ran into an issue today where my images would not display in the IOS simulator. The images display fine in architect and a web browser but not in the simulator. Other people have been asking a similar question and getting a variety of responses.

    The quick and simple fix is to make sure your images folder is located in your resources/ folder. When I originally setup my project I placed the images folder under the project root. This technically work for Architect and the browser but not the simulator.

    So to get images to appear in the ios simulator make sure you have the following structure for all resources. Architect and Sencha Command will copy the images as part of your iphone build process once the images are in the resource folder. This may be considered a really dumb mistake but when you are first learning simple issues can burn lots of hours. I hope this helps.
    Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 3.54.54 PM.png

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    sounds like your packager.json has the wrong paths maybe. Architect 3 is launching with much more robust CMD support. I would strongly encourage checking it out!
    Jason Minnick
    Sencha Architect Development Team

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