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Thread: Problem Minifying Extjs-4.1.1 application

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    Default Problem Minifying Extjs-4.1.1 application

    Hello,I am trying to create a minimize version of my app.js file and the 'create' command doesn't work!

    Also I don't understand and have no documentation on how to create minimize version in an applications build on Extjs 4.1.1 ???

    I have download and install the Sencha CMD v4 but it seems that it doesn't run on 4.1.1 ?!
    How to do it with 4.1.1?

    Is it not possible to use the old version of Sencha Cmd?Download it?

    Waiting some news.

    Thanks a lot

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    Whether or not Cmd will work will depend on whether the ExtJS version is 4.1.1 or 4.1.1a which was released just after 4.1.1 and works with Cmd.

    If you look in the 4.1.1 root folder do you see a folder called 'cmd'?
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