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Thread: Performance issue with Slide transition in Arabic Language

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    Default Performance issue with Slide transition in Arabic Language

    Hi all,

    I am a bit disappointed with the performance response of the transitions with the Arabic content, it seems the Arabic content slows down the transitions. You can try this example (click Search button):

    When clicking search, it takes a while to perform the slide transition to view search view (in browser it takes 2 seconds, on iPad 4 it takes few seconds)

    I tried replacing the Arabic content with English (almost same content size) and it did perform very well in English with no issues, my conclusion that the Arabic content is the main issue.

    Have anybody faced this issue before? Any workaround? One of the workarounds I can do is to hide the content before the transition, and show it again when it is back, but this is more of a hack and impacts the user experience.


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    Are you testing the packaged app/production build? Performance of production builds will be better. Though not ideal another option would be to turn off animations in your app.

    If you are reporting a bug I will need a locally runnable app to submit to Engineering.
    Can you put together a fiddle reproducing this issue.
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    Need to include a test case use:
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