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Thread: Office style ribbon menu

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    Default Office style ribbon menu

    Hi all;

    Ok, I have the beginning of an ExtJS Office style ribbon. You can download it at my blog. Or copy from this forum post.

    A couple of open issues:
    1. I think I added commenting correctly for jsDuck (not sure). I wasn't sure how to do it for functions that are optional so I took my best guess at that. If it needs to be different, please let me know what/how.
    2. How/where can I add this so it ships with the examples like StatusBar.js does?
    3. Have I set this up right for both the callbacks to populate the controls and the events I added? I did my best guess but I am new to javascript and ExtJS.
    4. How do I have the last click not stay selected?
    I'm still working on (and would greatly appreciate any help):
    1. Handle the layout better. At the moment it requires the table container and thats row major while menu items are viewed as column major.
    2. Have an option to layout a series of controls in 2 rows in a group.
    3. Inline galleries (like selecting a paragraph style in Word).
    4. How can I have a button in (un)checked mode so I can turn a button on/off.
    5. Galleries with multiple blocks of bitmaps (with a header for each block) followed by standard menu items.
    6. And two very Office specific ones:
      1. The Office select color gallery.
      2. The Office insert table gallery.
    And functionality it needs, but I am not planning on adding (at least not soon) are:
    1. Take a pass on the CSS. Im not good at CSS so there are places where it could be better.
      1. Especially the menu header style!
    2. Compressing button groups if the screen isn't wide enough.
    3. Drop-down menu where its multiple buttons on a row (see Paste button in Word).
    4. Display as standard (not ribbon) menu.
    5. Screentip/supertip (should be easy to do this).
    6. Quick Access toolbar.
    7. Backstage.
    If anyone would like to help on this, please contact me.

    thanks - dave

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    Threads in the Ext: Premium forum are not visible to regular forum users, in case anyone is having trouble with the links.

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    Is this still up-to-date or will it still work with the current Sencha versions? This Ribbon example is the make/break point for us to choose for Sencha or the excellent RibbonJS.

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