GXT 3.0.6

The Javadocs say that setting fixed to true on a ColumnConfig fixes the width of the column.

HTML Code:
public void setFixed(boolean fixed) True if the column width cannot be changed either by column model or user  resizing (defaults to false, pre-render). Parameters:fixed - true for fixed column width
However it has the unfortunate ( and I hope unintended ) side effect of excluding it from the "Columns" column header context menu. I had to read the source code to figure out what was going on.

Source code from GridView.java.

private boolean shouldNotCount(int columnIndex, boolean includeHidden) {
    return cm.getColumnHeader(columnIndex) == null || cm.getColumnHeader(columnIndex).asString().equals("")
        || (includeHidden && cm.isHidden(columnIndex)) || cm.isFixed(columnIndex);
I want a column with a fixed width, but I still want it to be hidden or not by the user via the table column header context menu. I am assuming this is a bug. Is there a work around?