a plugin.xml file is provided in .sencha/workspace and .sencha/app, however Sencha CMD never loads those files.

I've added some custom tasks to my workspace's plugin.xml, and with CMD 3.x I was able to load the whole stack of plugin.xml files by adding <import file="${app.config.dir}/plugin.xml"/> to the top of my app's build.xml. (though I would expect it's loading to already be handled by CMD)

Now with CMD 4.x though, that import fails because app.config.dir is not defined yet. Even if I change it to <import file="${basedir}/.sencha/app/plugin.xml"/> to match the path used in the included line for loading build-impl.xml, it still fails because the ${workspace.config.dir} used in there is also not defined.

I can hardcode the path to my workspace's plugin.xml with ${basedir}/../.sencha/workspace/plugin.xml but then that fails to because ${framework.config.dir} is undefined.

For now I have to stash all my custom tasks right in build.xml for each app, but there has got to be a better way -- did Sencha forget about plugin.xml? The workspace and app plugin.xml files still advertise themselves as places you can add tasks